Kaixo! I'm Aritz, a ML engineer intern in Switzerland and, to be honest, this website is my first HTML/CSS/JavaScript project.

As a physics graduate, I have experience in performing data analysis in a wide range of fields; particle physics, astrophysics, optics, materials science, chemical physics, quantum physics...

The aspiration for mastering state-of-the-art techniques motivated me to initiate my first ML application as my bachelor thesis, and I've been hooked ever since.

I have passion for diverse subjects (reinforcement learning, algorithmic trading, sports analytics, etc.), and I'm currently looking for enhancing my skills in data science, software development and AI/ML.

When I'm not learning, I enjoy running and playing the piano.



CNN Image Segmentation (bachelor thesis)

The Standard Model of particle physics, while being able to make accurate predictions, has been proved to fail to explain various phenomena, such as astronomical dark matter observations. In this project, a machine learning application is implemented with the goal of studying dark matter candidates. Images from Charge Coupled Devices (CCDs) in different experiments located underground are used to test different deep learning algorithms. A U-Net model is trained with Python's open-source library Keras. The model performs multi-class image segmentation in order to detect dark matter particle signals among background noise.

Original title: Application of deep learning techniques to images collected with Charge Coupled Devices to search for Dark Matter.


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Image Classification

Image recognition implementation with Keras. A CNN is built and trained with the CIFAR-10 dataset. Two models are trained: one without data-augmentation (77.25% accuracy) and the other with data-augmentation (78.04% accuracy).

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Unity, Python

AI vs. Humanity

A collection of games where agents are trained with Reinforcement Learning.

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MATLAB, SQL, Wolfram Mathematica, etc.

Other projects

Small projects that I work on during my free time.

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Education & Experience

  • Machine Learning Engineer

    CHEQUE - Internship

  • Universidad de Cantabria (UC)

    Bachelor of Science in Physics

    Relevant courses: Advanced Computation, Programming, Numerical Methods, Laboratory Computational Tools, Advanced Experimental Techniques (with honors), Ordinary and Partial Differential Equations, Linear Algebra, Differential and Integral Calculus.

    Relevant topics: Data processing, numerical analysis, object-oriented programming, probability and statistics, software development.
  • Universität Zürich (UZH)

    Bachelor of Science in Physics / Erasmus+

    Relevant courses: Statistical Mechanics and Molecular Simulations.






Wolfram Mathematica







Native proficiency: CPE Cambridge C2


Intermediate: EOIDNA B1


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